Cannabis and Meditation: How to Use Cannabis to Help You Meditate?



Cannabis has a deep link with the medical industry. It has been put into use in the treatment of different ailments for a long time. History associates marijuana with meditation as they both aim at achieving the same results. These are stress alleviation, increased mental focus, and clarity and enhancing mindfulness experience. Research has shown that the two are related in that aspect. Whether used together or differently in the same session, it is crucial to understand how the two can help you as an individual meditate.

Find the right strain



Different marijuana strains have different effects on an individual. It is fundamental to understand the different types to identify the best suitable strain for you. You can do this by patrolling different weed commercial selling site. Weed smart individuals ensure that the budget buds purchased are of the right quality and will have no harmful effects.

The right strain identified should be for the right symptom you are treating. If in search of stress relieving, ensure you don't get a pain relieving strain. Many of the sativa strains can perform different functions; however, the pressures can also have developed from feminized marijuana seeds and have different potency levels. It means that they will also have different effects and at different levels. Study shows that some strains are essential in relieving depression on a short term basis.

Know the right dosage

If you take the wrong marijuana dosage, you defeat the purpose, which is meditation. The dosage can cause a negative impact, especially for a first time user. You should be able to differentiate CBD from THC to be able to take marijuana. The difference and the quantity you should take should be professionally prescribed to you. Experts are more aware of the dosage levels for either THC or CBD. If intending to reduce the amount of stress in you, lower your anxiety levels, or reduce the pain, you are feeling, be sure of the cannabis amount you take before your meditation time. You should not fall asleep or fail to achieve the set goals through your meditation practice.

Select the right method

Since meditation is short term i.e., you start the process almost immediately; it is crucial to select the right method of ingesting cannabis. If you take cannabis edibles, the effects will come three hours later. What you need is to either vape or to smoke the marijuana. It will give you around 30 minutes to prepare for your meditation process as the effects kick in. While waiting, you might need to find a comfortable space to sit either on a cushion or on a bed, prepare your mind for concentration and in some cases, dress up appropriately.

Meditating with cannabis



●       Set the mood

Meditation requires quietness, slow or smooth music in the background, which are essential elements for mind growth. Other people enjoy having flickering lights to help them relax, dimming lights to reduce distractions, among others.

●       Have a specific mindset

Clearing your schedule for meditation with cannabis in the mix requires you to have a specific mindset. You need to ensure clarity of mind and relaxation of the body within a short period. Some suggest providing your days' activities, and responsibilities are complete. If you need to answer emails, engage in some gym fitness activities, do laundry, or even buy weed seeds online for planting, among others. Ensure all these activities do not wear you over as the intention to meditate will be lost in the mix. Once you have completed your rituals, you can then close your eyes and start the meditating.

●       Body connection to your mind

After taking cannabis, you will naturally start the relaxation process. Your muscles senses will also tingle. What you need is to shift your focus to the other body parts i.e., feel how the muscles in your arms become loose and light as the body tension is let go. Similarly, do the same for your legs, neck, and toes in a systematic manner. You will feel calmness engulfing you, and your mind will be at ease. Try moving your neck, your upper back, followed by your lower back and continue to your toes. When you come to your toes, the effects of cannabis will be fully taking hold of you, and all that is remaining is that heavy tension in your chest.

●       Let Go!

Wine is impossible for use during this period. It can cause a blur as it can intoxicate you and you lose focus, especially after marijuana has taken its effect on you. In this case, you will need a mantra, different breathing exercises, moving mindfulness, or have a guide for your meditation practice and to help you visualize. It will enable you to keep your focus levels.


Meditation and cannabis have a deep connection. Whenever in use together, they deliver great benefits than when separated. Therefore, if you want to take your meditation to the next level, try it, and you won't regret it.


Jillian Nelson