Strain Overview: Orange Cookies

A strain originally bred by Franchise Genetics this hybrid strain is a combination of the flavorful Orange Juice strain and the award-winning Girl Scout Cookies. Together they make a flavor filled relaxing strain that is perfect for a combination of daytime relaxation and medicating for stress, anxiety and much more.

Appearance and Aroma

This strain offers a very similar look to the Super Sour Diesel strain with it’s light-to-lime green fluffy buds. Bright orange hairs stand out on the light-colored bud and the entire thing is coated in a thin blanketing of trichomes to top it off. When you break open a bud, you’ll get a burst of citrus scent that only seems to get stronger when you grind up the flower.

Before and After Taste

The flavor is just what you would expect – a strong orange-citrus flavor with hints of earthy flower. The combination of the flavor filled OJ strain and the look of the GSC really did this strain wonders when it comes to look and flavor. The taste is just as satisfying on inhale as it is on exhale, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Physical and Mental Effects

Compared to most hybrids this strain offers a good balance – leaning slightly on the indica dominant side. The initial buzz is cerebral and can be felt behind the eyes and in the top of the head – but the GSC genetics take over and lead you into a full body experience that leaves you relaxed, but not down and out for the day (or night). This strain can easily be enjoyed while going about daily activities like shopping, exercising or the like.

Medicinal Benefits and Uses

When it comes to medicinal uses, like the Girl Scout Cookie parentage, this strain knows few boundaries. Commonly it is used to treat conditions like chronic stress, anxiety, mild depression, muscle spasms or tremors. It can also be used to treat conditions that are harder to manage – making a great daytime relief for those suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Fleur Brands cannabis offers Orange Cookies – and a variety of other strains to fit your needs – to adult cannabis consumers 21 and older and medical patients with valid state ID. Sold only in state licensed dispensaries. Use to find Orange Cookies and other strains by Fleur Brands Cannabis in a dispensary near you!


Jillian Nelson