How E-cigarettes are better than Vaping

Guest Blog by Jessica Cam



With e-cigarettes working up the ladder to support those who are addicted to smoking, the industry is continuously making progress. There have been talks about e-cigarettes being safer than tobacco cigarettes, but it has only recently attained this status. After rigorous research from various regulatory bodies, it was established that e-cigarettes are safer, convenient, smoke-less, and helpful in eradicating the number of addicts. Sometimes e-cigarettes can cause you vaping headaches if you overdose on nicotine e-juice.

World around Vaping

Many countries have now legalized the use of e-cigarettes, with some using it to help those who want to quit tobacco smoking. In UK, PHE Health Review 2018 stated that e-cigarettes are 95 percent safer than regular tobacco cigarettes. This factor is a viable one considering there are too many people in UK who smoke and need help. There are a lot of clinics and rehabs that adopt the use of e-cigarettes to help people trying to quit smoking. PHE Health Review also points out the factor that vaping and e-cigarettes can reduce 20,000 smokers from UK in a year.

Vaping Timeline

In the 1960s, e-cigarettes were firstly manufactured by Herbert A. Gilbert, who had assembled it on the same principle as a modern-day model. For some reason, the product couldn’t make it to the market and the idea was then picked up in the 2000s. Various people worked on it for a while before its renowned version was available just 7 or 8 years ago. Now, more and more people have started vaping and throw away tobacco-cigarettes for good.

E-cigarettes and tobacco

There are multiple reasons why people and rehab centers are acquiring the help of e-cigarettes. First being the lesser harm due to the absence of carcinogens. It is a proven fact that tobacco cigarettes contain multiple chemicals that are harmful. Apart from that, it also contains carcinogens and tar which cause cancer. E-cigarettes are far from these harmful elements and do not contain tobacco.

Smoke-less Vaping

Another beneficial reason for vaping, when compared to smoking is its smoke-less nature. E-cigarettes work by heating and not burning the chamber that contains flavor. The chamber that holds flavor or e-liquid heats to produce vapors which are inhaled. These cloud-like vapors are exhaled to give a cigarette-like feel. Smoke from tobacco cigarettes is worse than anything and contains chemicals that can be harmful.


E-cigarettes contain e-liquids that have a manageable quantity of nicotine. Unlike cigarettes that contain an unregulated amount of nicotine, e-cigarettes are used as an alternative to tobacco smoking. The main reason, e-cigarettes help people reduce smoking is because a person can start using e-liquids with a higher value of nicotine and as they go along, can decrease it and then stop using it altogether. This is one of the best ways to avoid nicotine addiction as it is different from nicotine-patches, gums, lozenges, etc.

Like smoking

Vaping is a simulation of smoking. This is the reason why it is so successful with people, as it keeps them busy and has cloud-like smoke. This simulation is one of the pertinent reasons why vaping has an edge over other alternatives.


Flavors, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, are all ingredients used in an e-cigarette. Although working of these devices may be complex, the results are exponential. It not only helps people in reducing cigarette smokers but also different ailments.


Since vaping is relatively new to the world, there are a lot of brands that are manufacturing various vaping products. It is essential that one must acquire regulated, quality products from better brands like LongHorn Vapor Company. Since there are a lot of flavors present, it is difficult to choose the ones you like, so make sure to get flavors in minimum quantity. If one buys flavors in bulk, they would have to use it and would not be sure if they’d like it or not. 

Vaping is better than smoking in every way, as it is not only smoke-free but contains no carcinogens, has a lot of flavors, is convenient and useful. More people are using these devices and there are a lot of different types of mods available for one to acquire according to their liking. More people using vaping is the reason why it is an industry that is growing exponentially well and businesses like Altria is also investing in it.



Jillian Nelson