How Can You Avoid Paranoia While Smoking Weed?

It’s interesting that one of the conditions that cannabis is frequently used to treat, can also be negatively impacted by the herb. By now we know, some people just don’t mix well with cannabis for one reason or another – but usually, it’s because of cannabis induced paranoia. However, there are certainly ways to get the same medicinal benefits of smoking weed without the paranoia that can come along with it – it’s a matter of choosing the right strain.

If you’ve ever experienced a high that was too intense – which happens most frequently with new consumers and those who are inexperienced with cannabis edibles – check out this list of ways to bring down your high. Try some of these before heading to the ER – where they are likely going to give you a dose of Valium or a similar anti-anxiety drug.

“That will calm people down in terms of anxiety and paranoia, but it’s not a real antidote,” Neuroscientist Thomas Deuel told Leafly about going to the ER.

On the other hand, there is plenty of science to suggest that CBD will bring down a THC induced high – making cannabis the perfect remedy for too much cannabis. Even though it sounds like an oxymoron, the two cannabinoids work against each other as well as with each other.

“There’s some evidence to back it up from some good scientists in several countries that CBD basically works like the seatbelt for THC,” Backes says. “And so what happened is when we bred all the CBD out, we basically made the car go really, really fast and removed the seatbelt.”

It’s for this reason that you need to be careful when picking a strain of cannabis – if you’re prone to anxiety or have had a “bad” reaction to cannabis in the past then you should look for a strain that offers a higher CBD content. If you still want to feel the buzz of your THC find something that still has a decent amount of THC in it – but has an almost equal or at least higher than average CBD content as well.

Evergreen Organix and Fleur Brands offer a variety of cannabis products – both high in THC and CBD and hybrids that offer a balance of the two. There is a cannabis vape, topical, edible or strain for everyone whether you are looking for relief from a medical condition or just trying to relax and de-stress at the end of your day.

Jillian Nelson