CBD oil in beauty products: Everything you need to know

The latest revolution in the beauty industry is the emergence of cannabis-based products. For a while now, natural and organic ingredient-based products were becoming popular among people across the world. They have preferred them over chemical products to benefit skin without causing much side effects. Ingredients such as fruit extracts, Aloe Vera, essential oils, turmeric are becoming a part of these products to bring great benefits to the skin. These add a natural glow and treat skin problems too. The latest addition to this list would be CBD.         

CBD or active cannabidiol derived from cannabis has a wide range of benefits to human beings. From treating physical and mental ailments to improving skin texture, using CBD in everyday lives are becoming more and more common. The substance is legal in a few states, and this has given more opportunity for access as well as for experimentation. With scientists constantly working to prove its efficiency and cosmetic companies lining up a wide range of beauty products with CBD oil, it is time to explore this ingredient in detail.


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CBD oil - A wonder ingredient for the skin   

Of the 80 cannabidiol extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD is a miracle ingredient that can benefit your skin and body. Most of the attention that cannabis receives is primarily due to the two compounds - THC and CBD. While THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects and other health benefits, CBD is the non-psychoactive star that can benefit your skin in multiple ways. Cannabis strains are either THC or CBD dominant. Each of these has different benefits to offer when compared to the other. And the type of benefit or effect depends on the interaction of these compounds with the CB receptors of our endocannabinoid system.

What makes CBD oil special?   

Today, you can buy weed online or at dispensaries in legalized states. CBD oil is also available in these dispensaries, which can be useful in your regular skincare regimen to enhance your skin health. The various nutrients present in CBD oil make it beneficial for skincare.


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It can control acne and breakouts: Acne and breakouts are among the most common skin problems. Clogged by dirt and oil, the skin starts looking dull and scarred. Orally ingested CBD is capable of enhancing the natural anandamide levels in the body. This improves the ability to fight inflammation and inhibit irritation and swelling. Various studies prove the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.  It thus helps fight skin problems such as acne and breakouts. Unlike most skin care products that clog the pores and cause excess sebum production CBD oil is light in nature and can help keep the pores free of clogging due to excess oil. CBD can also control oil production and treat acne formation on the skin.       

Anti-aging properties: Beauty products help us defy age and embrace our best selves. Anti-aging products are stocking up everywhere with new innovative ingredients. But CBD oil could be the magic that brands have been looking for till date. The CBD oil combines with the CB receptors in the body and balances the levels of chemicals. CBD oil is rich in antioxidants, and hence, it provides the vital boost required by your body. It can help curb the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines, and give a youthful glow to your skin.

Can moisturize the skin and heal dryness: Proper moisturization is important for the skin to look radiant and full of life. Our skin requires special care, especially during monsoons and winters, when they begin to dry up and crack. CBD oil-based moisturizers are becoming popular on the market for their amazing moisturizing properties. CBD oil contains Vitamin A, E, and D and essential fatty acids required to keep the skin look gorgeous and healthy. The presence of Omega -6 and GLA or gamma-linolenic acid helps the compound interact with the body to secrete enough oil to keep the skin naturally moisturized and hydrated without clogging the pores. Try from a range of fine products that can nourish and hydrate your skin to remove fine lines and dryness and moisturize your skin well.


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Can help get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes: Dehydration and stress cause the appearance of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes, which make them look dull and tired. Excess alcohol consumption could also cause your eyes to look swollen. A CBD infused eye cream is the best products to turn to ensure your under-eye area is moisturized and hydrated well. It helps remove tiredness and puffiness from your eyes, and also protects the skin in the region from sun damage. The antioxidants and vitamin E packed in this oil help reduce skin problems in this region. 

Helps achieve clear and glowing skin texture: With changing lifestyle choices appearance of fine lines, dryness, dullness, uneven texture, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, have all become common skin ailments. Although chemical treatments exist, CBD can be the natural way to recover your skin from these problems, and give it a flawless texture. A good night's sleep, along with the right ingredients, can help your skin heal. Soothing night moisturizer creams have infused CBD extracts that not only helps you achieve a calm sleep but also repairs the skin cells and reverses skin damage. 

Can moisturize your lip: A wide range of lip balms and gloss are proof for the efficiency of CBD in treating dry and pigmented lips. These contain hemp seed oil or CBD oil, which helps moisturize the soft skin of your lips and plump it up. With the help of vitamin E, CBD oil can also help eliminate pigmentation in the skin, and give you gorgeous, pink lips.    

It can give you luscious and thick eyelashes: We add mascara to our beauty bucket to achieve long, hydrated, and beautiful lashes. CBD oil can, in fact, be the ingredient that can help you get to these results faster. Makeup collection including brow gel, lash primer, and mascara, that promise to add volume and texture to your lashes and brows are entering the market. The presence of hydrating nutrients such as fatty acids and vitamin A and E helps CBD oil repair the hair texture and intensity in these areas, and give you dramatic lash lines and eyebrows.        


It can help heal your sore muscles and joints: After an intense day of work, enjoying a relaxing and soothing bath could be amazing. CBD oil helps relieve muscle aches and joint pain through innovative products like Bath Bombs. With its divine smell and healing properties from CBD oil, these bath bombs help you relax. CBD infused lotion that can heal sore muscles and reduce pain. Massage them and follow it with a sauna. It could be an ideal way to relax your body.         

Terpenes are the new trends in the beauty industry to watch out for. Terpenes such as limonene contain amazing properties such as adding aroma along with offering health benefits. These natural terpene infused products along with medicinal effects from CBD oil can be the right combination of beauty with benefits.

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