3 Ways to Get a Healthy CBD Dose for Anxiety

Guest blog by Kathy T. Cooley

With the legalization of both recreational and medical uses of cannabis in most states, there has been an influx in readily available CBD. Additionally, CBD is currently one of the best home remedies for issues such as depression, and anxiety among other debilitating conditions. However, even with all the publicity, many are the people who are not aware of how to use the CBD, especially for medical reasons. As a result, the CBD taken specially to help solve anxiety ends up causing more harm than good. To avoid this, one needs to have the right prescription and procedure of taking a CBD dose to ensure that the amount you take is safe and healthy.

Below are three ways through which you can get a healthy CBD dose for anxiety:

1. Define your goals

Outlets selling CBD drugs helps you tell the dosage that you shall be taking. In this case, you will probably be using CBD to control anxiety. By focusing on this one goal, you will also be in a position to get the best dosage and product that you need faster. Additionally, in this way, it will be easier for you to track your progress. You can try journaling the experience that you have or score to rate your symptoms. To help you know how effective the CBD treatment is, you can also create a baseline record. Using one of the top indica seeds is one of the effective ways of getting a healthy CBD dose for anxiety.

After picking the specific goal or condition that you intend to work on with the CBD dose, ensure that you stick to it. Making changes in the course of the dosage will end up causing more harm than good. Therefore, in case you find another condition that you would love to concentrate on as you do your dosage, ensure that you use the right dosage.

2. Find Your Dose and Enhance Absorption



According to research, the time taken for the CBD dose to work in the body varies among different people and influenced by many factors. Therefore, when you plan to start taking your CBD dosage for anxiety, ensure that you research to find your perfect product. Now one can Mail order marijuana easily through multiple online delivery platforms. It is advisable for one to begin with a low dosage to help you determine the optimal dosage. You can try a tiny puff of a vaporizer or several drops of the formulation taken orally. Each of these will be below the ideal serving size you find on the product, thus making it ideal for use by beginners.

Before you consider taking a stronger dose, ensure that the CBD peaks and starts leaving your system. In case you are using oral formula, you will need to wait for at least six hours. On the other hand, for vaporizers, wait for at least an hour. You can also consider taking an extra dose before the recommended duration is over. However, this way, you risk feeling the effects of both of them.

Despite the amount of CBD that you assume to be taking every time, not the whole amount reaches the bloodstream or other targets. For this reason, to ensure that you benefit the most from the CBD oils, you need to learn how you can enhance the absorption in the bloodstream. For instance, if you are taking the CBD oils orally, you can consider swishing it or simply holding it under your tongue before you swallow. On the other hand, if you are vaping, look for other inhalation techniques that will help you have a better absorption to the bloodstream.

3. Know Your Time Frame

A study shows that the time taken by the CBD to work on your body balances between the time that you take to ingest it and how quickly the body eliminates it. Depending on the method that you use, some of them offer a steadier concentration while others offer a quick peek of CBD. According to a research, the type of experience that you have is determined by how you take to CBD to the body. For this reason, if you are looking forward to achieving a short-term relief and immediate feeling, then you should consider going for inhaled products such as vaporizers among others. However, if you want to maintain the steady CBD levels for the rest of your day, then an oral product will be a great choice.

To have an even better experience, when buying marijuana seeds, consider combining your delivery methods. For anxiety issues, 1-3X daily oral supplements + vape pen as recommended will work for you.


Considering to use CBD doses will help relieve various conditions such as arthritis, pain, and anxiety, among others. However, taking the right dosage so that it will be advantageous to the overall health of the body is easier said than done. Use the tips above to help you pick a healthy CBD dose, thus solving anxiety.




Jillian Nelson