Using Low Dose Edibles to Combat College Stress

It’s almost that time of year again – as kids excitedly prepare to go back to school and parents prepare to drop them off for the first time in months, college students prepare for the year in a whole different way. FAFSA and financial aid applications, getting your classes scheduled, finding your roommate and ensuring you have the right housing arrangements, getting packed, finishing summer classes – going back to the financial aid office for more paperwork – getting tuition paid and books purchased; you get the idea, it’s pretty stressful isn’t it?

If this sounds like what you’re looking forward to in the next few weeks as school starts up again for the fall semester then you might be looking for a way to help combat the stress and anxiety. While you might not want to be smoking up before you head to school to get things done, you can still utilize cannabis to ensure you’re at ease throughout your day through microdosing – or at least going extremely low dose if you’re already a recreational consumer.

The idea behind microdosing is that you can use an extremely small amount of something and still receive the medicinal benefits – and with cannabis it seems to work extremely well for many people who otherwise would avoid the plant for its psychoactive effects. Using around 5 milligrams of THC or less would be considered microdosing – and you would simply take that dosage at the start of your day or before leaving for a stressful situation to help yourself feel more at ease.

However, if you’re a recreational consumer, you likely have a higher tolerance than someone who is simply looking for a natural alternative to treat their anxiety or stress. If that is the case, you would probably need to jump up to 10 milligrams or even 15 to get the same relief without feeling a heavy buzz. In the end, the idea is that you are taking a low dose (between 2 and 10 milligrams on average) of THC to help alleviate anxiety and stress, while not taking enough that you’re feeling stoned.

Evergreen Organix offers CannaCubes as 5-milligram dosage option that comes in the form of hard candy lozenges in a variety of flavors – or Fruit Chews for a 10-milligram option, which is a gum drop candy that also comes in numerous flavor options.

You can find these edibles and more offered by Evergreen Organix available to consumers 21 and older and medical marijuana patients with state ID in licensed dispensaries where it is legal. You can use to find Evergreen Organix products in a dispensary near you!

Jillian Nelson