Can You Use a Cannabis Topical to Treat Minor Burns?

Getting burnt is never fun – whether you’ve accidentally burnt yourself in your kitchen making dinner or somehow at work, the result is still painful and annoying. Every first-aid kit should come equipped with some sort of spray or gel that can be used to sooth burns – and remember that major burns should always be treated by a medical professional. However, minor burns can usually be treated at home with some quality care and attention. With the growing popularity of cannabis topicals in at-home care the question is not uncommon: can you use cannabis topicals to treat minor burns?

Don’t Run for an Oil-Based Topical

In the case of burns the first thing you need to remember is not to turn to an oil-based topical. So, coconut oil infused with cannabis or an oily lotion is not what you are going to want right off the bat. Instead, focus on cooling the affected area – if possible, cool water and aloe is one of the most effective natural remedies to reduce the stinging heat that comes with being burnt.

Only once you’ve cooled the area and provided some relief should you turn to a cannabis-based lotion or oil as a topical treatment for the pain associated with being burned.

Cannabis Topicals Help Heal the Skin

Topicals like Evergreen Organix Herbal Relief Salve that are infused with THC and CBD as well as other essential oils are perfect for healing the skin and relieving pain once the initial burning sensation has ended. Cannabis topicals have analgesic effects, meaning it acts as a natural pain killer, while also having anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, all of which will reduce the sensation of pain and the likelihood of infection.

A 2008 study found that five different cannabinoids were all effective in killing six different strains of MRSA. While we need more research into cannabinoids’ antibiotic potential, the researchers were enthusiastic about their findings: “The most practical application of cannabinoids would be as topical agents to treat ulcers and wounds in a hospital environment, decreasing the burden of antibiotics,” said Giovanni Appendino, a professor and co-author of the study.

Cannabis Topicals Could Help Relieve Pain and Heal Burns

Since most cannabis infused topicals are oil based they may not be what you want to turn to immediately after getting a burn. On the other hand, after the heat has been released and you are focusing on on-going pain relief and keeping the wound clean, a cannabis topical is certainly a natural alternative you can turn to when treating a burn.

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Jillian Nelson